I will be graduating college in 26 days! Wow. I can’t believe this time is actually here! I am so grateful. Throughout these last 5 years, I have learned some very valuable life lessons and I have grown significantly (as expected right). I have been in one of the most mentally draining relationships in my entire life. For this reason, I am challenging myself to get to know the real definition of self-love. Self love is not just about your appearance, self love is about your mental state, your happiness, and well-being. Self love is learned and sometimes it can be challenging when things are not going your way. But what I can say is that self love will help you to stay strong when you feel like giving up. Ever since I was little girl, I have always felt that I needed someone to validate who I am. I am now learning to accept myself whether that pleases the next person or not. I am learning to utilize my strengths and continue to work on my weakness. I am perfect in my own way. I am learning to be love, feel, and experience my true self. Like Michelle Obama said, I am becoming.

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