Mama always said.. a closed mouth won’t get fed.

Almost was never good enough for me. When I almost got the answer right on the test, my answer was still wrong. THIS IS IT. THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE.

As if all of my classmates weren’t already tired of me asking questions, I continued to give them a reason to hate me. Although I was the one asking questions, students still told that they got a lot of information out of the questions I asked. Every question I asked was for the purpose of learning and understanding the material better.

Most of time in life we are chosen by what makes us stand out among the crowd. People say just wait and it will come but I think in that waiting process there should still be some action taking place. You must take some kind of initiative to get what you want out of life. Whether if it’s for a job or a big movie role. Figure out what makes people want you specifically.

I’m saying all this to say make your life purposeful. Live a happy life. Far too often I see people who have settled and live their lives for other people. Find out what truly makes you happy and what brings out your inner joy. If there is ever anyone distracting you from that joy then you owe yourself to distance yourself from them.

No matter how hard things may get and how much you may struggle always remember to stay true to yourself. Sometimes we get in certain positions where it just seems easier to act like the people around you. Being true to yourself is far more important than being miserable acting like someone else.

I will always encourage anyone to take every opportunity possible to better your life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take on new challenges. There just may be a moment out there waiting specifically for you to find it.

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