It’s Okay to Not be Okay: Broken-Heartedness as a Believer

When we start to put God first and stop putting our wants above Him, we’ll see his true purpose for our lives. I’m still learning this.

A Coffee with Friends

Vulnerability and inspirational healing from a friend who has endured pain and choose surrender: Tallie Thompson

There is nothing that makes you feel lonelier than being rejected by someone who you love. Loneliness is one of the Devil’s favorite tools to use against a believer of Jesus Christ. It seems like such an ironic tool to use against someone who is never alone, but, alas, it creeps up sometimes. A single person going through a hard break up, can feel very alone, especially in the church setting. Suddenly, the topic that everyone used to speak to you about every Sunday, became an untouchable one.

“The avoidance of the subject can often feel

like an avoidance of conversation all together.”

All the sudden, you are no longer on a path towards marriage, so you are looked at and addressed differently. They may mean you no harm, but what they are doing…

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