21 Days Til My 21st

YEP, THAT’S RIGHT! I’m almost completely an adult. I must admit that’s it’s a little exciting knowing that I will be completely legal in 21 days. I’ll be able to get into clubs, sit at bars with the cool kids, and most importantly purchase my own alcoholic beverages. I’ll be completely free to do whatever I want. The problem is.. well I’ll be completely free to do whatever I want. Lol.

I grew up in a small town called Prentiss, MS. Everybody knew everybody and 9 times out of 10, you were kin to at least 10 people in the classroom. If you got in trouble at school and your classmate’s mom saw you at the office, you better know your parents found out before the front office could even make the call. I’d like to think that I grew up in a protective environment.. nosey, but protective. People were always in each other’s business, and although it was quite annoying, there were positive things that came from it.

  1. You never had to worry about where your child was because somebody would always happily volunteer that information, especially if they were somewhere they weren’t supposed to be. Where I’m from we called that “snitching.”
  2. If something ever happened such as your car breaking down on the side of the road, no one had to guess if it was you or not because they memorized your license plate number, when you hit that green pole, or your ex-boyfriend always driving that red car that they knew he couldn’t afford.
  3. You ALMOST got discounts because the lady at the hair store went to school with your grandmother. What? I said ALMOST.

The truth is if it wasn’t for those “snitches”, things could’ve went a whole lot further than they did. Maybe we would’ve gotten even more reckless than we already were. And the worst text message that you can get from your mom when you’re out doing something stupid is “WYA?”. Maybe she accidently hit the all caps key right? Or nah. All you knew is that you needed to come up with some excuse about why you were where you were and how the person that saw you was making up things and just doesn’t like you. Period. That’s it. Don’t you dare say nothing else and tell on yourself. Just go to your room and go to sleep.

Transiting from a small town that no ones even heard of to the fourth largest city in the United States is a BIG CHANGE. You start to see things you’ve never saw before. You see people act in violence with no remorse. You smile, they roll their eyes. You mind your business, they stare. Not saying that Houston, TX is a bad city because there are so many opportunities out here that I would have never had access to in Mississippi. I’m just saying that I’m so grateful to have grew up in a community where everybody was like family (whether you liked them or not).

Anyways. Did I mention that I was turning 21 and that I hope all the things that I’ve learned up to this point help me to become a responsible young woman. Oh don’t leave out legal.

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